Twice On Sunday

This month you have not one, but two, opportunities to hear us sing. The first is 9:30 AM, Sunday morning, May 17, 2015, at St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, 350 U.S. Route One, Scarborough. And the second is on that same Sunday at 5:15 PM, at St. Luke’s Cathedral, 143 State St, Portland. For both services, we will be performing three pieces from our Preble Street concert: Going Over Home, Leonard Cohen’s Halleluia, and Walk A Mile.

We hope you can join us at one of these services!

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1 Response to Twice On Sunday

  1. Laurie Hasty says:

    Hi, everyone! Sorry to have missed these concerts. I certainly enjoyed the first one very much. Please keep me on your email list. I look forward to hearing you sing again. Have a wonderful summer! –Laurie Hasty

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